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Television wall brackets

Television wall brackets
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Made out of durable materials
Fixings included
Television wall brackets
There are a number of different ways a television can be mounted to your wall. We have created a different category for each:

Fixed TV brackets
If you are planning to mount your television in a fixed position and there is no need to move the television, you can opt for a fixed wall bracket. This is an affordable way of wall mounting, in which the television will hang conveniently close to the wall. The disadvantage is that you can not adjust the viewing angle in order to watch television from a different spot.

Tilt & Swivel TV brackets
Do you want to mount your television in a fixed position, but still be able to change the viewing angle? Then you could pick a bracket that can tilt and swivel. This option is still very affordable and you will be able to vertically and/or horizontally adjust the viewing angle of your television. Depending on the bracket, this angle can range up to 20 degrees.

Flexible TV brackets
If you prefer even greater flexibility and want to be able to move your television in three dimensions across your wall, a flexible bracket is the choice for you. The television can be placed flat against the wall, but it's also possible to move it closer to the viewing audience, tilt and swivel it. The television can be positioned in numerous positions and viewing angles.

Please make your choice from the overview as presented below. Contact our expert customer service desk for personal advice.

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