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Fast delivery good quality product, the only dissappointment is the eraser, much smaller than most i have used in the past. Otherwise I will be using again in the future.


Where to install your bracket

You can mount your computer monitor or TV in many different ways. The information below provides you with a detailed description of the different installation methods that our mounting brackets offer.

Wall Brackets
You can mount your monitor and TV  on the wall, for a fixed rear fitting. Wall Brackets are the most popular type of bracket and are available in sizes ranging from big to small for computer monitors to Television screens. Some brackets cannot be adjusted, and simply hang flush to the wall, while other brackets are fully adjustable allowing for several dimensions of movement.

We offer a wide variety of wall brackets, which can be found under the categories TV wall brackets, and Monitor wall brackets.

Desk Brackets
You can install your computer on your desk with a special desk bracket. Your monitor can float above your desk allowing you to have much more freedom and space in your own workspace. These brackets also make it easy to swivel, angle, and adjust the height of your monitor to suit your personal situation.  We offer several different options, just as many options for 1 screen, as there is for the IT professional wanting to mount 4 screens on a single unit.

Ceiling Brackets
You can mount your TV bracket on the ceiling. This type of installation is typically used for spaces purposed to inform a large mass of people via a large TV screen or monitor. Due to the televisions height being out of reach, the chance of the screen being vandalized or damaged  is very small. The ceiling brackets we offer are available for single-sided monitors & TV’s, as well as for double-sided brackets for two monitors or TV’s back to back.

Free-Standing Brackets
A free-standing bracket for your TV or monitor offers you the possibility of placing your screen wherever it’s needed. This stands are typically seen in reception areas, or centres where the screen is constantly rolled from one space to another.

Do you still have a question regarding our brackets? Please feel free to contact our customer service for further advice, we are always happy to provide ideas and advice particular to your situation.

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