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VESA and TV screen size

In the event you want to hang your television or monitor with a bracket, there are a few points to take notice of. Firstly, it is important to note the VESA pattern and size is compatible with your TV or monitor. Furthermore, please take note of the weight of your display screen and that the bracket you want to purchase can support this weight.

The VESA installation pattern can be found on the backside of your monitor or television and next to this you will find the VESA values (dimensions). A VESA value is simply a combination of the horizontal and vertical distances between the installation points.  A VESA value of 200x100 is therefore 200mm or 20cm horizontal, and 100mm or 10cm vertically. In the event there is but a single value given, for example 75 or 100, this then refers to the horizontal and vertical distances between all 4 points, and can be seen as a square pattern.

This means that it does not matter where you buy your TV from, with the VESA values and standards you can easily use brackets of another brand without any hassle or worry that it won’t fit. Simply put, our brackets are perfect for all the different monitor and TV brands available.

The weight of your Monitor/Television
If the VESA values of the bracket are the same as those of your monitor/TV, you can be certain that this will fit on the backside. Furthermore, it is still important to make sure that your monitor or TV is
not too heavy for your chosen bracket. By all of our brackets you will find a maximum load in kilograms which corresponds to that particular model. 


Position of the bracket and adjustability
Now that we know what a VESA value is and that the weight of your chosen product is relevant to choosing the right bracket, there is also a wide assortment of swivel brackets and adjustable brackets so that once installed, you can still move your screen for more viewing pleasure. For more information and advice regarding these options please see the following the link above found in our table “Information” by choosing the link “Adjustability”.

Do you have any further questions regarding VESA values and weight in combination with your own TV or monitor? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service specialists for further advice and information.

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