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Adjustability of your bracket

While it is nice to have a TV or monitor mounted so that it cannot be moved, in other situations it’s also nice to be able to adjust the viewing angle or height to achieve the ideal viewing circumstances. We offer all sorts of installation possibilities so that you have the choice between a fixed position, fully flexible, and everything in between.

The adjustability of your bracket has 5 main components to help you determine which bracket is best for your monitor and your situation. This concerns the slope, tilt, distance from the wall to the bracket qua flexibility, viewing height, and turn-radius. You can be assured that the larger the values of the first 3 (slope, tilt, and distance), the more flexible the adjustability of your bracket is.

1. Tilt / Slope
The slope of the bracket refers to the reach of the bracket in the vertical direction. The slope radius is given in degrees (°) in the product description.  If you want your TV/monitor higher, or lower depending on your viewing angle, than is the addition of a slope radius extremely handy due to it allowing you to adjust vertically depending on your own viewing height.

2. Swivel
Swivel refers to the radius of the bracket, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle horizontally. This total radius of movement for a bracket can be found in the product description, given in degrees (°). It is always handy to be able to swivel your monitory depending on your viewing angle, this allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your TV/monitor horizontally. For example, you install your TV on the wall, with the intention to have this centred with your couch, however, the couch you have is extremely long. This bracket allows you to angle the screen for the best viewing angle no matter which end of the couch you are on.

3. Adjustable distance
The most advanced brackets have a flexible, adjustable arm on the backside of the bracket. With this you are able to quickly and easily adjust the distance of your screen from the wall. If a bracket has the adjustable distance feature, the information regarding this can also be found in the product description  of the chosen bracket. The reach of this is given as “Adjustable Distance: 53-258mm”. This means that the bracket can be adjusted starting at 53mm away from the wall, and can be extended all the way up to 258mm.  In the event the bracket only has a single value (Distance: 76 mm), then is this referring to a bracket that cannot be adjusted for differing distances from the wall.  Brackets with an adjustable distance also often have a large tilt and swivel.

4. Viewing Height
The viewing height of a bracket refers to the reach of a bracket in height. Whenever the viewing height is adjustable, the screen can be adjusted so that it comes to rest at eye level for better viewing. Whenever a bracket is adjustable by height, the reach of this can be found in the product description provided next to the chosen product.

5. Turning radius
Some brackets are able to turn instead of tilting. The turn radius for a particular bracket can be found in the product description of the chosen bracket given in degrees (°). The turning radius is calculated from the point where a bracket is attached to its support arm.

Do you still have a question regarding our brackets? Please feel free to contact our customer service for further advice. We are always happy to provide ideas and advice particular to your situation.

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