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United Kingdom
Pin board was exactly as described, very rigid and looks really smart, just as I required, a little bit dearer than other pin boards, but well worth the money.

CPU Holder Desk Pro

CPU Holder Desk Pro
• Weight (kg): 0,8
• Length: 48
• Width (cm): 35
• Height (cm): 23
• Finish: Black
Product-SKU: BRAIA000013
Inc. 21% VAT

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Dust is a major problem for any computer with moving parts and can have an adverse effect on its lifespan. By using this desk mountable computer case bracket the computer gets lifted off the ground, with the benefit of less dust getting trapped inside the computer case.

This desk mountable computer bracket is easy to install and will fit a large variety of computer cases thanks to its adjustable hight and width. What's more, the highly durable materials used for its construction will keep your computer case safe and sound in its place.

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